Telephony and Unified Communications

Telephony Services

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance utilise Voice over Internet, (VOIP), and collaboration tools technology to deliver communications services and tools to ALL our customers across the robust and secure COIN network.


Voice over IP (VoIP)

VoIP is the foundation for cost-effective phone communications and more advanced unified communications applications that can transform the way colleagues and organisations communicate with each other, delivering benefits to users such as reduced telephony costs, improved collaboration, and enhanced productivity.

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance use the Cisco VoIP suite of products to deliver voice communications across our health economy. 

All users on our system benefit from free calls to each other across the COIN network, even across different organisations.  The system gives all the standard telephony features you would expect such as Call Forward, Voicemail, Hold, Call Transfer.

By using our own private, secure COIN network, the quality of calls made is easier to control and is as good as, if not better, than traditional land line telephone technology. 

We have enhancements planned for the future, enabling more effective collaboration for all users by deploying Cisco Jabber unified communication features and applications such as Instant Message and Presence.


Unified Communications 

The primary goal of unified communications (UC) is to improve user productivity and to enhance business processes by taking Vo IP communications and technology to the next stage.

By deploying features as Instant Messaging, and Presence Indication, along with mobility solutions, all forms of communications on a VoIP phone can be unified and simplified.

Unified Communications, deployed around the Trust is helping staff to accelerate decisions by having the ability to connect with colleagues, information and expertise they need in real time.

Having just deployed Unified Communications, in collaboration with our "Bring Your Own Device" (insert as anchor link to the section) across the Trust, we have seen reduced delays in staff waiting for assistance or information due to the ability to view colleague's  availability and chat with individuals or groups instantaneously.

Bring your own Device

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance has recently launched a  "Bring your own Device" strategy to all Trust staff, allowing authorised users with compatible personal devices the ability to access Trust email and calendars on their own phone or tablet, thus eliminating the requirement for a Trust allocated device.


​Initially, deployed on iPhones and iPads, with other platforms being available soon, the strategy will deliver a range of benefits to the Trust and users including:
  • Increased employee satisfaction as there is more flexibility to the working day

  • Cost savings to the Trust with reduced hardware spend, software licensing and device maintenance

  • Productivity gains as Trust employees are happier, more comfortable and often work faster with their own technology


Future developments to the BYOD strategy also include integration with our Cisco VoIP telephone system, whereby a user can use their own portable device as their "desk" phone.



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