Service Integration and Management


In multisourced IT operating models, where technology services are provided by different teams or organisations, ensuring seamless delivery presents a challenge.


Lack of clear ownership can lead teams to use process rules and guidelines to pass tasks on to each other without understanding the overall risk to the business; lack of understanding of the relationships between business and technical services; a failure to meet required business outcomes; and an inability to assess the potential impact of changes.

Additionally, having different suppliers can mean numerous support processes and teams for users to call or a single Help Desk that offers little more than a call-logging function with no accountability.

One way to address this challenge is through contracting with Mid Mersey Digital Alliance for a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) service. 

An effective SIAM function enables organisations to take advantage of the flexibility and innovation of multisourcing and standard services while delivering integrated services to the business. 

This approach will you to move from "indispensible" single service providers to take advantage of competitive service provider behaviours that drive down costs and leverage innovative industry developments. 

Moreover, you can select "best of breed" service providers based on each service provider's individual strengths whilst maintaining a uniform framework of processes, governance and supporting tools from Mid Mersey Digital Alliance.

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance Service Integration and Management model will act as the co-ordinator and central point of control between demand and supply for your organisation's service management processes, addressing the specialised needs of your organisation.



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