Professional and Bespoke Projects


Mid Mersey Digital Alliance have a wealth of experience in all aspects of IM&T service support and delivery. 

However, we understand that some customers may want to capitalise on our expertise and use our resources for "one-off" projects. 

Please see below for examples of Bespoke Projects that Mid Mersey Digital Alliance have delivered across the UK:


Network and Technology Upgrades
Office Relocations
Consultancy Services
IT Training
Change and Project Management
Information Governance
Executive Information Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Quality


Network and Technology Upgrades

Network upgrades to enhance performance, reliability and security are particularly important to NHS organisations, as they strive to keep up with the challenges being placed on the NHS, particular with the drive to deploy systems to replace all paper processes by 2018.

Network reviews and upgrades can be a daunting task, and sometimes, it helps to get advice and support from external sources.

As part of the first consultation to scope the project, we will review your existing system to identify which of your existing hardware and software can be used for server upgrade & network upgrades and what needs to be replaced, in order to develop a cost effective IT system to meet your needs. Faster internet connectivity solutions may also significantly boost your internet performance.

Once the strategy and scope of the project has been agreed, we will work with your existing team to deploy the new technology.

We also have long standing strategic partnerships with major networking, security, storage and telephony organisations that will work with us and you to ensure your objectives are met.


Office Re-locations

A Relocation Project requires a massive commitment of resources.  In the NHS particularly, "business as usual" is critical for those providing care to their local community.

If you are planning to relocate some or all of your IT users, take advantage of our experience in relocating teams from complete hospital moves to individual GP Practices. 

Our complete, reliable  service includes initial consultation and planning, project management, data cabling, telephone system and broadband installations in advance, assisting with moving your equipment, checking that your system is fully functional after the move and helping to resolve any teething troubles.

Our Taskforce Engineers provide ongoing expert IT support maintaining the efficient operation and reliability of your computer system from major server to minor work station problems during the initial phase.

An office move is also the perfect opportunity to consider an existing server & network upgrade. As part of our initial consultation and expert advice services, we will review your existing system and recommend any cost effective upgrades which will improve your IT system., and ultimately the care you deliver to your patients.


Consultancy Services

Asking external consultants to review your business and processes is a brave move, but can offer a new perspective into your current IT systems and solutions and should be the first step taken when considering whether you need a whole new system designed from scratch, an audit of your current systems, or need to grow your IT to match the growing needs of your company. 

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance Informatics team can help identify where your company is going and help you choose the right system tools to help you get there, with the advantage of being outside your company but inside the NHS, bringing a depth of knowledge only another NHS company can offer your business.

Once your company has agreed the strategy and has decided how they would like their new or current system to look, we can also help with the nuts and bolts of the procurement and implementation of the new products, working alongside your own IT staff to ensure a seamless transition. 

Our status as a leader in deploying "paperless" systems tells you all you need to know about the knowledge and expertise of our team members and contracting the team as a support service gives you direct access to these experts.


IT Training

At Mid Mersey Digital Alliance, we ensure that any new systems or system changes we implement are supported by a training programme tailored to different user levels, to ensure that all users obtain the maximum benefit from any improvements.


​Our team of trainers are highly experienced at delivering education in all formats, whether it be classroom learning, 1-2-1 sessions or video learning in areas such as: ​

New Users

​​The Training Team train every new employee when they join our customer organisations. This will include basic Windows / Microsoft and the appropriate clinical systems.

System Enhancements

​Refresher training on system enhancements and upgrades is provided to all appropriate staff in a variety of delivery formats.

New Systems

The training team also support the roll out of new systems by providing roll-based training.


If you have a training requirement, whether long term, short term or "one-off", please use the contact us link at the bottom of the page to discuss your requirements.


Change and Project Management

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance has an excellent track record for delivery and for embedding new systems within the local Health Economy under the leadership of a clinically-led strategy group, resulting in real and tangible benefits for all users.

By ensuring each new system development has a clinical Executive Sponsor and a clinical Senior User, dedicated project management support is driven via multi-disciplinary sub-groups.

Any new project taken on by the Project Team is delivered using a combination of Prince2 and Six Sigma methodologies to identify the business need, manage the system implementation and business change requirements and embed the projects into 'business as usual'.

The service actively seeks involvement at all levels of each organisation, has proven success in project deployment and sustainability.


Information Governance

​​Information Governance provides a framework to bring together all the legal rules, guidance and best practice that apply to the handling of information, allowing:
  • Implementation of central advice and guidance;

  • Compliance with the law;

  • Year on year improvement plans.


Information Governance (IG) is commonly described as "a framework for handling information in a secure and confidential manner to appropriate legal, ethical and quality standards in a modern Health Service".

Information is a vital asset and resource, both in terms of the clinical management of patients and the efficient management of services and resources. It plays a key part in governance, service planning, legal services and performance management.

Why is Information Governance (IG) important?

Good Information Governance practice ensures necessary safeguards for, and appropriate use of, corporate, patient and personal information.

At its heart, Information Governance is about setting a high standard for the handling of information and giving organisations the tools to achieve that standard. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate that an organisation can be trusted to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information, by helping individuals to practice good information governance and to be consistent in the way they handle personal and corporate information.

It is therefore of paramount importance that information is managed efficiently and effectively and that appropriate policies, procedures, management accountability and structures provide a robust governance framework for information management.


​​IG Services available from Mid Mersey Digital Alliance:
  • Information Governance and Information Security training, including training materials and face to face training as requested

  • Full management of Freedom of Information Requests and Subject Access Requests

  • Audit of toolkit evidence as requested, including feedback reports and specific action plans for the improvement

  • Support on IG and Information Security queries, for example, patient access information, information sharing guidance, and FOI guidance

  • Regular visits to the organisations to support the staff and managers with the toolkit and training

  • Bespoke support sessions on request ensuring the most up to date information and support is given and a chance to share guidance and information across the local area

  • Support during potential investigations

  • A up to date Intranet Site accessible for all supported organisations to provide the most recent news, information, and posters/leaflets for practices to use as they see fit.


Executive Information Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Quality

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance provides data warehousing capabilities with the provision of a front end system. The system is capable of in depth analysis to be carried out by information analysts and basic reports to be used by a wider audience.


The EIS Team provides the below services:
  • ​Incident fixing

  • System Administration

  • Maintaining data

  • New Requirements

  • Ad Hoc Queries

  • User Support

  • The Data Quality team is responsible for ensuring that data entered into the hospital Patient Administration System and other hospital systems adhere to national requirements for data completeness, accuracy and quality.


The Data Quality team is responsible for ensuring that data entered into the hospital Patient Administration System and other hospital systems adhere to national requirements for data completeness, accuracy and quality, and amends inaccuracies that cannot be corrected at source.

Regular audits will be performed by data quality staff analysing a selection of records against source material, where available. The audits will ensure the continued improvement of data quality.



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