Local Government Organisations

A radical transformation is approaching to the way healthcare is delivered on a local basis.

The concept of better co-ordinated services, centred on the needs of individuals, isn't new. The Local Government Association suggested that rolling out whole place community budgets could save between £9bn and £21bn over five years.


The benefit of bringing these services together is an area of almost complete political agreement. But the reality is that the closer we get to integration, the clearer both the opportunities and challenges become.

Take away considerations of politics and funding and we are still left with organisations with cultures, practices and infrastructure that are as separate as their objectives are shared.

Health and wellbeing boards will be crucial to fixing this, providing the one vital place where the right people come together with a view across the whole and the remit to make change.

This summer saw the launch of the Local Government Association's support for health and wellbeing boards seeking to integrate care at scale. Working with partners, including NHS England, Monitor, the Department of Health and Integrating Care, this is about providing practical help to identify opportunities, overcome barriers and implement the new models of working that promise the biggest improvements for service users and organisations alike.

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